host choice and human blood index of anopheles pseudopunctipennis in a village of the andean valleys of bolivia.the human blood index (hbi, proportion of bloodmeals of a mosquito population obtained from man) is relevant to epidemiological assessment and to the modification of measures to interrupt malaria transmission since the vectorial capacity of the vector varies as the square of the hbi. anopheles pseudopunctipennis is a main malaria vector in south america. unfortunately, few data exist concerning hbi values in its range of distribution and none from bolivia where this species is considered as an i ...200717241459
the northern bolivian altiplano: a region highly endemic for human fascioliasis.the worldwide importance of human infection by fasciola hepatica has been recognized in recent years. the endemic region between lake titicaca and the valley of la paz, bolivia, at 3800-4100 m altitude, presents the highest prevalences and intensities recorded. large geographical studies involving lymnaea truncatula snails (malacological, physico-chemical, and botanic studies of 59, 28 and 30 water bodies, respectively, inhabited by lymnaeids; environmental mean temperature studies covering a 40 ...199910444322
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