[regional analysis of human and animal hydatidosis in chile, 1989-1993].a descriptive study of hydatidosis, a still very prevalent zoonosis in chile, was carried out with information up to 1993. both human and animal data were included, the last one based on more reliable information. regional human distribution up to 1991 shows persistent high notification rates in the extreme south of the country, aysen and magallanes hospital discharges, more reliable than notified cases, adds the ix region of araucania to the high risk areas, join with more than 30 hospitalizati ...19969196947
non-seasonality of births in tierra del fuego (chile).tierra del fuego is situated at the southern tip of the american continent, which conditions its environmental and climatic characteristics. the colonizing population arrived, at the end of the 19th century, from other chilean regions (particularly from chiloé) and diverse european countries, especially britain and croatia, but also germany, spain and italy. in the present study, the existence of a seasonal pattern in 5430 births registered in the chilean population of tierra del fuego from 1890 ...200011023121
ocular and dermatologic health effects of ultraviolet radiation exposure from the ozone hole in southern chile.this study sought to investigate numerous reports emanating from punta arenas, chile (population 110,000, latitude 53 degrees s), that associated acute ocular and dermatologic disease in humans and animals with excess ultraviolet-b (uv-b) exposure in the setting of the thinning of the ozone column.19957702120
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