peridomestic distribution of triatoma garciabesi and triatoma guasayana in north-west argentina.the reduviid bugs triatoma garciabesi carcavallo et al. (hemiptera: reduviidae: triatominae), previously known as t. sordida ståhl in the semi-arid chaco region, and t. guasayana wygodzinsky & abalos, vectors of trypanosoma cruzi chagas (kinetoplastida: trypanosomatidae), were found to occupy wide but different ranges of ecotopes in the peridomestic environment. at amamá and nearby rural villages in north-western argentina, a combined total of 1233 specimens were collected from 325/2314 (14%) si ...200011129702
haemaphysalis juxtakochi, ixodes pararicinus (ixodidae) and otobius megnini (argasidae) in relation to the phytogeography of argentina.the phytogeographical distributions of haemaphysalis juxtakochi, ixodes pararicinus and otobius megnini in argentina are described from material collected mainly from 1978 to the present. h. juxtakochi was found in the northwestern area of the amazonian domain and in the chaco, espinal and pampean provinces of the chaco domain. it was detected on mazama spp., tapirus terrestris, dog, cattle and on the vegetation. most findings of i. pararicinus were from mountain rangeland, where it was found on ...19921290380
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