[prevalence of staphylococcus aureus isolated from subclinical bovine mastitis in dairies of the city of san luis].in order to detect subclinical mastitis by means of california mastitis test and recounting of somatic cells, 163 cows from the dairies of san luis city, argentina, were examined. seventy six individuals (46.6%) exhibited an inflammatory response ranging > or = 2+ grade and a cellular recounting value of > or = 5 x 10(5), data compatible with those of subclinical mastitis. staphylococcus aureus was isolated from 39 (51.3%) cultures as estimated by the sum of the two last values listed in table 1 ...19921298016
yersinia ssp. in surface water in san luis, argentina.yersinia spp. was examined in three rivers and two lakes located in the province of san luis, argentina, over a 1-year period. water samples were concentrated either by moore's gauze technique or by filtering through diatomaceous earth. five enrichment media: yeast extract--bengal rose broth (yer) with bile-oxalate-sorbose broth (bos); 67 mmol/l phosphate-buffered saline (ph 7.6; pbs); pbs enriched with a 1% mannitol and 1% peptone (pbsmp); pbs with lyzed 0.5% sheep blood (pbsb); wauters broth ( ...19948549992
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