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enzootic bovine rotavirus is not a source of infection in panamanian cattle ranchers and their families.vaccination of humans against rotavirus (rv) diarrhea may be accomplished by oral immunization with attenuated animal strains known to be antigenically very similar to human strains. to define better the degree of infectivity in nature of these animal strains for humans, we conducted surveillance for rv infection/diarrhea in 180 farm workers, their 161 family contacts, and the 566 animals (512 cattle, 35 pigs, and 19 sheep) on 14 farms in rural panama. no correlation between the high infection r ...19863009644
effects of month of breeding and feed level on ovulation and lambing rates of panama ewes. 19744837319
incidence of myiasis in panama during the eradication of cochliomyia hominivorax (coquerel 1858, diptera: calliphoridae) (2002-2005).we present the results of a study on myiasis in panama during the first years of a cochliomyia hominivorax eradication program (1998-2005), with the aim of investigating the behavior of the flies that produce myiasis in animals and human beings. the hosts that registered positive for myiasis were cattle (46.4%), dogs (15.3%), humans (14.7%), birds (12%), pigs (6%), horses (4%), and sheep (1%). six fly species caused myiasis: dermatobia hominis (58%), phaenicia spp. (20%), cochliomyia macellaria ...200717923994
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