a new serotype of bacillus thuringiensis from colombia toxic to mosquito larvae.during a survey conducted in colombia a new isolate of bacillus thuringiensis that showed toxicity toward culex quinquefasciatus, cx. pipiens, aedes aegypti, and anopheles stephensi larvae was isolated. parasporal crystals were spherical in shape and showed a great degree of similarity with those produced by the reference strain of bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis. supernatant fraction of the whole culture was not toxic, and heat-stable exotoxin production was negative. catalase, urease ...19921347310
bluetongue virus and epizootic haemorrhagic disease of deer virus serotypes in northern colombian cattle.there is recent evidence of bluetongue (bt) and epizootic haemorrhagic disease (ehd) virus infection of cattle in the american tropics, including bt group reactive antibody in colombian cattle. these observations prompted a study to determine serologically the specific bt and ehd virus types present, and time of infection and to collect culicoides spp. as potential vectors. a prospective study of bt and ehd virus infection was done on two farms in the colombian department of antioquia. sequentia ...19852991365
helicobacter pylori infection in the colombian andes: a population-based study of transmission 1992, the authors studied helicobacter pylori infection and exposures relevant to person-to-person, waterborne, foodborne, and zoonotic transmission in a census sample of 684 2-9-year-old children in aldana, nariño, a rural community in the colombian andes. h. pylori prevalence, as determined by the 13c-urea breath test, was 69%, and prevalence increased from 53% in 2 year-olds to 87% in 9 year-olds. beginning at 3 years of age, a higher percentage of males compared with females were infected ...19968686698
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