[melophagus ovinus and trypanosoma (megatrypanum) melophagium in ovines in the state of minas gerais, brazil]. 19836645943
hair cycle in dogs with different hair types in a tropical region of cycle activity has been extensively studied in humans, sheep and laboratory animals, but there is a lack of information in dogs. besides varying according to species, breed, sex and general health, hair growth is mainly affected by climatic variations. the aim of the study was to evaluate the follicle activity in three breeds of dogs with different hair types, in the city of viçosa, minas gerais (latitude 20 degrees 45's), brazil. twenty-one male dogs of boxer, labrador and schnauzer breeds ...200818177286
[utilization of the famacha method in individual clinic diagnostic of haemonchosis in sheep of south-west of minas gerais state].the aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of famacha method in individual clinical diagnosis of haemonchosis in sheep from the south-west of minas gerais. fifty crossbred santa inês ewes were evaluated during 5 months as for conjunctival mucous colour (famacha method), packed cell volume (pcv), faecal egg counts (fec), body score and clinic alterations. the score famacha observed was from 1 to 3, the body score from 2 to 5, the pcv from 20 to 47%, and fec from 0 to 7,750. the correlatio ...201020385064
prevalence of neospora caninum antibodies in sheep flocks of uberlândia county, mg.neosporosis is a parasitic disease that occurs in sheep and is associated with reproductive failure. the aim of this study was to verify seroprevalence of neospora caninum antibodies in 12 sheep flocks in uberlândia county, minas gerais, brazil, using indirect immunofluorescence assay (ifa). a total of 334 sheep blood samples were analyzed and an epidemiologic questionnaire was applied for each farm in order to correlate with risk factors of neosporosis: gender, age, breed, abortion problems, co ...201020943017
evaluation of toxoplasma gondii and neospora caninum infections in sheep from uberlândia, minas gerais state, brazil, by different serological methods.toxoplasmosis and neosporosis have been recognized as economically important diseases with considerable impact on the livestock industry. considering the scarce information on the occurrence of toxoplasma gondii and neospora caninum infections in sheep from uberlândia, minas gerais state, brazil, this study aimed to investigate the frequency of antibodies against these parasites in sheep sera from this region by using different serological methods. a total of 155 sheep serum samples were analyze ...201021075529
management practices to control gastrointestinal parasites in dairy and beef goats in minas gerais; brazil.parasitic infection is recognized worldwide as a limiting factor in the production of goats, and various control methods are used to reduce economic losses, often without considering the epidemiology of the parasites. this has led to the development of highly tolerant parasite populations and the presence of chemical residues in the beef and milk. the objective of this study was to determine the level of knowledge of goat farmers about parasitic diseases and to correlate this with the epidemiolo ...201021232868
molecular characterization of corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis isolates using eric-pcr.caseous lymphadenitis is an infectious sheep and goats disease caused by corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis and characterized by abscesses in superficial and visceral lymph nodes. c. pseudotuberculosis strains isolated from these hosts have been shown to be very difficult to type by the existing methods. the aim of this study is evaluating the potential of the enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus (eric-pcr) as a tool for molecular typing of c. pseudotuberculosis strains isolated in sh ...201121733644
high sero-prevalence of caseous lymphadenitis identified in slaughterhouse samples as a consequence of deficiencies in sheep farm management in the state of minas gerais, brazil.abstract:201122067701
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