epidemiology of fasciola hepatica infection in the paraíba river valley, são paulo, brasil.the study revealed that although lymnaea columella and stenophysa marmorata were found in the same habitat, only l. columella harbored intramolluscan stages of f. hepatica. the population density of l. columella cyclically decreased between september and february, and increased from march to september. the drought that occurred between june and november 1981 dramatically reduced the number of snails collected. larger snails were collected in march-july and november-december, while the smaller sn ...19863564331
acute intoxication by crotalaria retusa in sheep.acute intoxication by seeding crotalaria retusa occurred during the dry season, in a flock of 80 sheep, in the semi-arid region of the state of paraiba, northeastern brazil. anorexia, severe depression, mild jaundice, incoordination and recumbence were observed in 16 sheep that died within 12 h. at necropsy the liver had a nutmeg appearance. seeds of c. retusa were found in large amounts in the rumen of the dead animals. histologic lesions of the liver were characterized by centrilobular necrosi ...200515683873
the use of zootherapeutics in folk veterinary medicine in the district of cubati, paraíba state, brazil.the present work addresses the use of zootherapy in folk veterinary medicine (ethnoveterinary) by the residents of the municipal district of cubati, microregion of seridó, paraíba state, brazil. it sought to identify the principal animals used as medicinal sources for zootherapeutics and to contribute to the preservation and sustainability of this traditional knowledge.200717825094
infection by trypanosoma vivax in goats and sheep in the brazilian semiarid region: from acute disease outbreak to chronic cryptic infection.a study was undertaken to investigate the role of trypanosoma vivax in sheep and goat mortality and abortions in the brazilian semiarid region, where outbreaks had been previously reported in bovines. for this purpose, 177 goats and 248 sheep (20% of herds) were randomly sampled on four farms in the state of paraiba in may and october 2008. the animals were screened for trypanosomes by the buffy coat technique (bct) and pcr. infected animals, approximately 25% in both surveys, manifested apathy, ...200919665308
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