seroprevalence of chlamydia psittaci-specific antibodies in small stock in namibia--epidemiological study with an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa).an igg (h+l)-elisa was applied as a screening test for antibodies against chlamydia (c.) psittaci in sera of goats and sheep in namibia. in 576 (27.3%) of a total of 2,107 sera (299 = 25.2% of 1,185 caprine and 277 = 30.0% of 922 ovine sera) chlamydial antibodies could be detected. 86% of all farms tested revealed seropositive animals. chlamydial infections were prevalent in all the geographical regions tested. the infection rates per state veterinary district varied from 12.0% (otjiwarongo) to ...19892800787
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