human coxiella burnetii infections in regions of bosnia and herzegovina, 2002.acute infections in humans and animals caused by coxiella burnetii (c. burnetii) are becoming an important medical problem for bosnia and herzegovina (b&h). from a clinical and epidemiological aspect, q fever represents a complex medical problem, considering that one of the highest incidence rates of q fever in europe has been recorded during the last few years in b&h. the first case of this disease in b&h was described in 1950, by muray et al., and the first epidemic, with 16 infected individua ...200617114692
epidemiology features of brucellosis at the zenica-doboj canton area in period 2000-2007.area of zenica doboj canton (zdc), as well as other areas in bosnia and herzegovina, due to geographic, climate and agricultural features, also because of the fact, that animal farms and human habitats are closely related, as well as due to the poor hygiene conditions in places with dominant sheep farming, have fruitful conditions for endemic persistence and spreading of brucellosis, as a typical zoonosis. lack of systematic research about farms that keeping the animals, and program of control a ...200818669234
culicoides obsoletus (diptera: ceratopogonidae) in bosnia and herzegovina-first report.the first occurrence of bluetongue disease in bosnia and herzegovina was registered in 2002 in the area of kalesija municipality. entomological investigation of the presence of culicoides species in that area was conducted in 2007. the aim of the research was to establish the presence of the main vector of bluetongue virus. collections and analyses of culicoides midges were performed in accordance with the protocols of the national reference centre for exotic diseases (centro studi malattie esot ...200919352706
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