[the occurrence of hepatic trematodes in sheep from emilia-romagna].in the present investigations, 563 samples of ovine faeces from 32 flocks of emilia-romagna have been examined for the presence of hepatic trematodes eggs. all flocks proved positive for dicrocoelium dendriticum and 16 for fasciola hepatica; 511 (90,76%) out of 563 animals proved positive, with 507 (90,05%) for d. dendriticum and 50 (8,88%) for f. hepatica, 46 of these last ones were positive for both parasites.1978553275
[the occurrence of broncho-pulmonary nematodes in sheep from emilia-romagna].in the present investigations 510 sheep have been examined for the presence of lungworm larvae: 342 (67,05%) of them proved positive. the identification of the parasites demonstrated the presence of dyctiocaulus filaria in 18,62% of the examined animals, muellerius capillaris in 50%, cystocaulus ocreatus in 26,86% and protostrongylus spp. in 12,35%. all positive flocks were positive for two or more genera of lungworms.1978553276
listeria spp. and enteric pathogens in raw meat: a survey in the ferrara area.the authors report the results of a study performed on 113 samples of raw meat of 6 different animal species in order to evaluate the extent of contamination by some organisms responsible for food-borne infections. a total of 2 strains of salmonella (1.7%), 36 of yersinia (31.8%), 35 of campylobacter (30.9%) and 13 of listeria (11.5%) were isolated. the possible role of contaminated meat in cases of human listeriosis is pointed out.19892491284
[isolation in the ferrara province of campylobacter thermophile from man, animals, food and the environment during the 2-year period 1984-1985].during a two-years period (1984-1985), thermophilic campylobacters were sought in materials of various origin: isolation rates were as follows: from 1680 stool specimens of enteropathic patients, 6.0%; from 1920 stool specimens of asymptomatic subjects, 0.5%; from 325 stool specimens of healthy animals, belonging to 5 different species, 51.7%; from 106 meat samples of 6 different species, 32.1%; from 194 samples of raw milk, 0.5%; from 43 samples of surface waters, 37.2%; from 150 samples of was ...19883223996
environmental and social factors in rheumatoid factor epidemiology.the effect of social and environmental conditions on the epidemiology of rheumatoid factor (rf) in healthy population was studied. for this purpose 2 sample of 828 subject was studied using 5 tests for rf. our sample included: 419 randomized subjects from a quarter at the outskirts of bologna (high rate immigration, non homogeneous habits and health background; 409 randomized subjects from one rural small town on the romagna's hills (no immigration, no change in residence or profession for gener ...19883238354
[on a focus of literiosis in sheep with transmission to men in romagna]. 19685753228
[echinococcosis/hydatidosis in emilia-romagna: a study of hospital admissions in the period of 1989-1993].an overview of the epidemiology human echinococcosis/hydatidosis is presented for the emilia-romagna region during the period 1989-1993. data were extracted from hospital discharge reports. the description was based on 806 discharges totaling 10187 days of stay. thirty-five percent of the patients discharged were residents outside the emilia-romagna region. a significant statistical correlation was identified between a high average yearly incidence of the disease and a relatively small jurisdict ...19979157024
[human cystic hydatidosis in italy: a public health emergency? past to present].starting from 1991 the central office of statistics istat, according to changed regulations on notification of infective diseases, stopped reporting official national data on human hydatidosis. on the other hand until then notified data, concerning only about a hundred cases per year in mean during the last decades and just 36 in 1991, appeared unreliable, suggesting a diffusion far from the actual. owing to specific studies on different research groups it is possible to try to describe a not ex ...200415305684
updates on cystic echinococcosis (ce) in update on cystic echinococcosis (ce) diffusion in italy during 2003-2005 is reported. ce seems to have a sporadic diffusion in the northern part of the country where this disease plays a minor role (prevalence < 1%). recent investigations have shown the occurrence of ce cases in humans from the mountains between reggio emilia and modena, with an average year incidence between 9.4 and 5.6/100,000. in abruzzo prevalences in sheep and cattle are 20.2% and 15.3%, with a fertility of 4.6% and 1.3% ...200616881397
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