tick species parasitizing people in an area endemic for tick-borne diseases in north-western 1995 and 1996, 318 ticks were recovered from 240 people in liguria (province of savona, italy). most of the ticks (284; 89.3%) were sheep ticks, ixodes ricinus. rhipicephalus sanguineus (31; 9.8%) and dermacentor marginatus (3; 0.9%) were also recorded. all three life stages of i. ricinus were found on humans while only nymphs and adults of r. sanguineus and adults of d. marginatus were collected. human tickbites were most frequent in the municipalities of the province where roe deer density ...199910870560
three cases of ophthalmomyiasis externa by sheep botfly oestrus ovis in italy.human infection with the sheep nasal botfly oestrus ovis is sporadic and is often the consequence of an accidental deposit of the larvae by an adult botfly in the eye. this infestation results in external ophthalmomyiasis that, although a very rare condition, is more common among people living close to farming communities. we report three cases of o. ovis infestation which occurred in italy in a limited area of la spezia province (le cinque terre), italy during summer 2004. none of the patients ...200516386021
environmental radioactivity analyses in italy following the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear accident.following the fukushima power plants accident on the 11th march 2011, the radioactivity monitoring programme at the italian enea research centres was activated in order to detect the possible new input of radionuclides through atmospheric transport and precipitation. measurements of (131)i and (134,137)cs were carried out on atmospheric particulate, atmospheric deposition, seawater and mussels and sheep milk. in the daily samples of air particulate, (131)i was detectable between march 28 and apr ...201222265846
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