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[systematic research on mycoses. results and considerations on a large and systematic epidemiologic survey of histoplasmosis in the region of lombardy and venetia]. 19724674892
investigation of a q-fever outbreak in northern italy.a study was conducted to evaluate the extent of a q-fever epidemic through active case finding in the area of vicenza (north-eastern italy), and to identify risk factors for q-fever in this outbreak.19968891546
the lido as venice's refuse tip: dalmatian sheep and the 1819 elephant.the lido of venice is an island twelve kilometers long and between a hundred and one thousand meters wide. the citizans of venice and many turists can't imagine today, what lido was some centuries ago initially totally sandy, it was fertilized by means of a continuous supply of venice's garbage (the "scoasse"). in addition to the "scoasse", damaged foodstuffs and the waste of the vegetable market were also sent to the lido. other fertilisers originated from the dung of the cattle and sheep arriv ...200415307245
[brucellosis outbreak in treviso province caused by infected cheese from an endemic area].brucellosis is one of the most common zoonoses in the world. its distribution has changed in recent years due to socioeconomic factors and international travel. in italy its trend has followed the international pattern, albeit with major differences between the north and south of the country. in northern italy brucellosis is import-related and rarely laboratory acquired. we describe an outbreak of five cases of brucella infection occurred in treviso province during august 2005. all the patients ...200818843213
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