serological investigation of granulocytic ehrlichia infection in sheep in norway.serum samples of 749 sheep from 75 sheep flocks in norway, i.e. 361 lambs (6 to 7 months old) and 388 adults (> 1.5 year), were analysed for antibodies to ehrlichia equi. ten animals from each flock were examined. seropositive animals were found along the coast of southern norway from vestfold to sør-trøndelag (as far north as 63 degrees 38'n). seropositive sheep were not found in southeast, east or northern norway. thirty-two flocks were seropositive, although tick-borne fever had only been dia ...200111887393
Investigation of an Escherichia coli O145 outbreak in a child day-care centre--extensive sampling and characterization of eae- and stx1-positive E. coli yields epidemiological and socioeconomic insight.On October 29th 2009 the health authorities in the city of Trondheim, Norway were alerted about a case of Shiga toxin-positive E. coli (STEC) O145 in a child with bloody diarrhoea attending a day-care centre. Symptomatic children in this day-care centre were sampled, thereby identifying three more cases. This initiated an outbreak investigation.201121902833
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