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[the hazard of lead-accumulation in domestic animals fed on hay from fields nearby highways in norway (author's transl.)].in 1971 hay was harvested from an area nearby a highway (e18) at sande in vestfold (norway). on an average 9,400 cars passed this place each day during the summer season. the lead pollution of the hay was moderate. hay taken at a distance of 2 m from the roadside contained 6.6 mu-g pb/g dry weight. there was found no increase in the lead concentration in blood, liver, kidney, muscle, urine, or bone tissue in the experimental sheep compared with the control group. in faeces, however, a higher lea ...19751134929
serological investigation of granulocytic ehrlichia infection in sheep in norway.serum samples of 749 sheep from 75 sheep flocks in norway, i.e. 361 lambs (6 to 7 months old) and 388 adults (> 1.5 year), were analysed for antibodies to ehrlichia equi. ten animals from each flock were examined. seropositive animals were found along the coast of southern norway from vestfold to sør-trøndelag (as far north as 63 degrees 38'n). seropositive sheep were not found in southeast, east or northern norway. thirty-two flocks were seropositive, although tick-borne fever had only been dia ...200111887393
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