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animal reproduction and artificial insemination. 19685693899
laboratory techniques in rabies: phenolized, freeze-dried sheep brain vaccine. b. method used at the pasteur institute, paris. 19734219482
the role of the colostrum in relation to immunity and survival in the newborn ruminant and pig. a seminar held in the institut national agronomique de paris-grignon, 78850 thiverval-grignon, france. april 25, 26 and 27th 1978. 197834350
[creutzfeldt-jacob disease in continental france. retrospective study from 1968 to 1977].during the decade 1968-1977, 170 cases of creutzfeldt-jakob disease were found in france. the clinical features of 124 neuropathologically-verified cases are summarized and a multi-factor analysis performed to obtain the most frequent combinations of signs and symptoms. certain exceptional features are discussed. the annual mortality rate during this period was 0.32 cases per million for the whole of france, and 0.69 cases per million for the paris metropolitan area. preliminary totals for 1978 ...1979395612
[seasonal variations of sperm quality in adult ile-de-france rams. ii. fertilizing ability and its relation to qualitative criteria in vitro].six adult ile-de-france rams of different origins, registered in a flock book, were used in ai for three consecutive years on the same flock (if) in march-april and in september. the animals (males and females) were always kept in a sheep-fold (natural daylight conditions). they received the same feed throughout the whole experiment. using the unselected ejaculate(s) of each ram (1 dose diluted sperm/female), artificial inseminations were carried out after oestrus synchronization (fga + pmsg). m ...19817349536
epidemiologic comparisons between creutzfeldt-jakob disease and scrapie in france during the 12-year period 1968-1979.systematic investigation of the occurrence of scrapie in france revealed that between 1968 and 1979 the disease has been diagnosed in a total of 145 flocks, in virtually every region where sheep are raised. the geographic distribution of scrapie-affected flocks was unrelated to the residential location of patients dying of creutzfeldt-jakob disease (cjd) during this period, arguing against direct contact or indirect vector transmission of the disease to humans. regional lamb consumption was not ...19817024478
study of endemic scrapie in a flock of "ile de france" "ile de france" flock was studied over a period of 5 years. the authors found similar results concerning incidence and age of onset of scrapie to those found in the english literature. a close relationship was established between the age of the dam at parturition and the age of the progeny at onset of scrapie. in the later years of our study, scrapie was detected in younger animals than in the earlier years, suggesting a phenomenon of genetic "anticipation". increased fecundity in this endemi ...19863770148
[father-male offspring transmission of seasonal variations in testicular diameter and percentage of abnormal sperm in the ile-de-france ram. 1. male offspring born in february].an experiment was conducted on the ile-de-france (if) breed to determine if the more or less important sensitivity of the ram to photoperiodism came under genetic control. five base breed unrelated rams (greater than or equal to 4 yr old), were chosen for this study: 2 good (i and ii), 2 bad (iii and iv), and an intermediate sire (v). ram i, which died a few years before the experiment began, was selected on both the low amplitude of its sperm production during a 6-month period of artificial lig ...19902291807
[philippe-nicolas pia (1721-1799), creator of the first-aid service to rescue drowned people].ph.-n. pia is known as a philanathropist. in 1770, this apothecary is elected at the board of the city of paris. then, he wishes to create a first-aid service to rescue drowned people. in wooden boxes, he gathers together the drugs and devices used at that time, as a fumigating machine to inject tobacco smoke into the intestine, bottles of spirit of camphor, ammonia, a long shirt of wool, wood canulas and flexible pipes made of thin sheep leather. in each of the fiveteen guard houses standing al ...199711625253
amplitude of the plasma melatonin nycthemeral rhythms is not associated with the dates of onset and offset of the seasonal ovulatory activity in the ile-de-france ewe.we investigated if absolute (nocturnal) or relative (nocturnal/diurnal ratio) plasma melatonin concentrations were associated with the seasonal ovulatory activity in ile-de-france ewes. ninety-six and 121 ewes in two different groups of the same flock were used to determine the potential existence of a relationship between melatonin concentrations at the summer and winter solstices, and the dates of onset and offset of the ovulatory activity, respectively. the dates of the first and last ovulati ...200312956316
relationship between mt1 melatonin receptor gene polymorphism and seasonal physiological responses in ile-de-france ewes.the gene encoding the mt1 melatonin receptor in sheep has a restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) site to the mnli enzyme whose incidence is associated to the expression of seasonality in several breeds. the aim of this study was to examine the relationship between this genetic marker and the physiological effects of mt1 receptor gene polymorphism on several seasonal functions in ile-de-france ewes. the study was performed using 12 pairs of half-sib adult ile-de-france ewes. within eac ...200515952421
[interest of the disk diffusion method for screening clostridium difficile isolates with decreased susceptibility to antibiotics].in vitro determination of clostridium difficile susceptibility to antibiotics is not routinely performed. the aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of antibiotic susceptibility determination with the disk diffusion method for screening c. difficile isolates with decreased susceptibility to antibiotics.200717905536
[henry toussaint and louis pasteur. rivalry over a vaccine].henry toussaint (1847-1890) is a veterinary who studied in veterinary school of lyon with his great master auguste chauveau the famous physiologist. this place is the first school founded in europe at the end of the xviiith century and has opened a way of thinking. his carrer brilliant and rich begins first in lyon and then when he is named professor of anatomy and physiology at the veterinary school of toulouse. doctor of science and doctor of medecine toussaint applies "the experimental method ...201020527335
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