[estimation of the prevalence of bovine hydatid cyst in the south pyrenees].since 1994 "réseau vega" (veterinary survey network) has organized a record of sanitary information in 14 slaughterhouses in the midi-pyrénées. data about hydatidosis in cattle are centralized, analysed, then sent namely to each stockbreeder concerned. estimation of the prevalence rate from 1994 to 1996 is 0.28% for animals and 2.5% for livestock. a marked decrease of rates was noticed during this three year monitoring period. nevertheless, the pyrenean area remains more affected than the north ...19989754298
[henry toussaint and louis pasteur. rivalry over a vaccine].henry toussaint (1847-1890) is a veterinary who studied in veterinary school of lyon with his great master auguste chauveau the famous physiologist. this place is the first school founded in europe at the end of the xviiith century and has opened a way of thinking. his carrer brilliant and rich begins first in lyon and then when he is named professor of anatomy and physiology at the veterinary school of toulouse. doctor of science and doctor of medecine toussaint applies "the experimental method ...201020527335
modelling the spread of scrapie in a sheep flock: evidence for increased transmission during lambing seasons.presence of scrapie infectivity in the placenta suggests the possibility of increased transmission of scrapie during the lambing season. this hypothesis was explored here using a mathematical model of scrapie transmission dynamics which has previously been successfully used to study several scrapie outbreaks in scottish sheep flocks. it was applied here to the langlade experimental sheep flock (inra toulouse, france), in which a natural scrapie epidemic started in 1993. extensive data were avail ...200616307175
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