myocastor coypus as a reservoir host of fasciola hepatica in clarify the role of the nutria myocastor coypus in the epidemiology of domestic fasciolosis in loire-atlantique (department of western france), 438 nutrias were trapped in 9 humid areas of the department and 304 nutrias were trapped in 3 farms where fasciola hepatica was present; all animals were necropsied. liver flukes were found in 160 nutrias: 38 nutrias randomly taken in the department (8.7%) and 122 trapped in fasciolosis areas (40.1%). the average parasitic burden was 5.7 flukes per nu ...200111592619
modeling spatial and temporal transmission of foot-and-mouth disease in france: identification of high-risk areas.foot-and-mouth disease is one of the most contagious diseases of animal livestock. we used statistical tools to explore the dynamics of epidemics and to evaluate the consequences of virus reintroduction in france. we developed a stochastic farm-based model adapted to the french farm structure from previous modeling works following the 2001 epidemic in the united kingdom. this model depends upon the distance between the 280,000 french farms and on species type (e.g. cows and sheep) and it tracks ...200516120246
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