toxoplasma gondii infection in sheep from haute-vienne, france: seroprevalence and isolate genotyping by microsatellite analysis.ingesting meat of free-range livestock, mainly sheep, is associated with human toxoplasmosis in european countries. data on toxoplasma gondii infection in french ovine livestock are relatively scarce. sera from 164 lambs and 93 ewes slaughtered in haute-vienne district, france, were tested by a direct agglutination test. antibodies to t. gondii were found in 36 (22.0%) lambs and in 61 (65.6%) ewes. in addition, to attempt parasite isolation for genotyping, hearts from 50 other ewes were obtained ...200616919879
[biological control of lymnaea truncatula müller in haute-vienne, france. apropos of several factors limiting its application].the author analyzes the positive and negative results of a year of biological control by predation on 49 stations of lymnaea truncatula in haute-vienne, france. the negative results can be explained by the effects of 6 natural factors: 1--the rainfall over the habitats during the first 10 days of the experimentation. the rate of natural mortality and predation of l. truncatula is reduced at values above 8 mm rainfall. the predatory snails leave the sodden soil and do not consume l. truncatula; 2 ...19817258995
[epidemiological studies on 121 case of human fascioliasis occurring during 25 years (author's transl)].epidemiological investigations in haute-vienne (france) showed the occurrence of 121 cases of human fascioliasis between 1955 and 1979. 39 cases were counted in limoges and 82 cases in the other districts of haute-vienne with a higher number of cases located in the western districts of low altitude (under 300 m). human cases occurred nearly through all the years, but they were more abundant on years with an important f. hepatica infection of cattle and sheep. the infected plants' ingestion occur ...19827105299
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