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[a q-fever pneumonia epidemic in dusseldorf].there was an unusually high incidence of atypical pneumonias in the catchment area of the rhine river near the university of düsseldorf in july 1994 during a long period of hot and dry weather. the 18 patients described in this paper (5 women and 13 men) complained of sudden onset of fever up to over 40 degrees c, often associated with severe headache and dry cough. almost all of these patients had previously been healthy and active and of young to middle age (average 38 years) without any bronc ...19968927605
first occurrence of culicoides obsoletus-transmitted bluetongue virus epidemic in central august 2006, bluetongue virus disease (btd) was detected for the first time in the netherlands, belgium, germany and northern france. serological tests as well as reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) proved the occurrence of bluetongue virus (btv) in diseased sheep and cattle, and the virus was identified as serotype 8. therefore, the search for possible vectors was immediately initiated in the outbreak region in germany. traps with automatically regulated ultraviolet ligh ...200717385085
bluetongue disease in germany (2007-2008): monitoring of entomological the summer of 2006, a bluetongue epidemic started in the border area of belgium, the netherlands, and germany, spread within 2 years over large areas of western and central europe, and caused substantial losses in farm ruminants. especially sheep and cattle were severely affected, leading to a case-fatality ratio of nearly 40% in sheep (conraths et al., emerg inf dis 15(3):433-435, 2009). the german federal ministry of food, agriculture, and consumer protection (bmelv) established a countrywi ...200919322587
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