bluetongue disease in germany (2007-2008): monitoring of entomological the summer of 2006, a bluetongue epidemic started in the border area of belgium, the netherlands, and germany, spread within 2 years over large areas of western and central europe, and caused substantial losses in farm ruminants. especially sheep and cattle were severely affected, leading to a case-fatality ratio of nearly 40% in sheep (conraths et al., emerg inf dis 15(3):433-435, 2009). the german federal ministry of food, agriculture, and consumer protection (bmelv) established a countrywi ...200919322587
[yersinia enterocolitica serovar 2a, wb, 3:b,c biovar 5 in hares and sheep].during the last fourty years the "hare type" of yersinia enterocolitica was detected in the brown hare and other mammals in several european countries. in northern germany (province of schleswig-holstein) the pathogen was not found in the post mortem materials of the cattle, swine and horses during the years 1990-1996. in approximately 1,000 sheep studied this yersinia was cultured from the internal organs of one diarrhoeic lamb. the examination of some 200 perished hares reveals one animal with ...19979290039
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