[epidemiologic and serologic study of listeriosis in man and domestic and wild animals in austria].in the framework of a study aimed to ascertain the possibilities of infection transmission from mother to child the athors examined serologically gravid women for toxoplasmosis and antibodies against listeriosis, using routine methods, in austria in 1974, 1975 and 1975. almost all gynecologists of the region of styria (austrial), who systematically delivered data concerning abortions, premature births and stillbirths, were invited to take part in the study. at the same time data concerning domes ...1978112179
a decision-support system for real-time risk assessment of airborne spread of the foot-and-mouth disease virus.[corrected] the application of epidemic models during the first days following the confirmation of a virus outbreak should significantly contribute to minimize its costs. here we describe the first version of a decision-support system for the calculation of the airborne spread of a virus and its application to foot-and-mouth disease (fmd). the goal is to provide geographical maps depicting infection risk for various animal species to support the national health authorities.200516342927
epidemiology of eimeria infections in an austrian milking sheep flock and control with a flock of milking sheep from styria (austria), the dynamics of eimeria oocyst excretion was monitored in the lambing season 2003-2004 and a treatment trial with 1 mg/kg diclazuril (single dose on day 0 of study) was conducted in two groups of early weaned lambs. adult animals (n = 30 ewes, 30 yearlings) excreted oocysts of different species (weekly prevalences from week -7 ante partum to week 5 post-partum: ewes 20-60%, yearlings 38-73%) in low intensities (< or = 6000 oocyst per gram of fae ...200515817196
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