leptospiral antibodies in domestic animals in tyrol.results are presented of a serological examination of 1,547 domestic animals (cattle, pig, sheep, horse, goat, dog, cat) from 9 tyrolian districts (austria), performed in order to disclose the incidence of leptospirosis. completely significant titres were domonstrated by means of the mal test in the serotypes icterohaemorrhagiae or copenhageni, sorex-jalna, bratislava, sejroe and saxkoebing. in addition, antibodies were confirmed against l. bataviae, l. pomona, l. tarassovi and l. bulgarica, but ...1976950180
orf virus infection in a hunter in western austria, presumably transmitted by game.a variety of animals host parapoxviruses. orf virus is prevalent in sheep and goats in the tyrol region of austria and northern italy. zoonotic infections in humans mostly occur after occupational exposure. we report here a case of a hunter with a typical orf lesion (contagious ecthyma) on the finger, with no history of direct contact with domestic animals. three weeks previously he had been hunting chamois (rupicapra rupicapra) and cut his finger while handling a carcass. parapoxvirus infection ...201423995221
[seroprevalence of antibodies to ruminant pestiviruses in sheep and goats in tyrol (austria)].in this study 2058 blood samples from sheep of 150 flocks from the province of tyrol were tested by elisa and serum neutralisation tests for antibodies to ruminant pestiviruses. in the elisa, positive results were obtained with 34.9% of individual sheep sera and in 89.3% of the sheep flocks. the prevalence in sheep and sheep flocks varied according to areas. seroprevalence of pestiviruses was significantly (p < 0.05) higher in small ruminants pastured during summertime on the alps. comparative n ...200616555484
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