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pesticide poisoning in domestic animals and livestock in austria: a 6 years retrospective study.a 6 years retrospective study of pesticide poisonings in domestic animals and livestock from 1999 to 2004 submitted to the institute for medical chemistry, university of veterinary medicine, vienna in austria was compiled and analysed. totally 380 pesticide analysis requests were referred by veterinary practitioners, from the institute for pathology of the above university, by regional and central governments as well as local police departments and district administrations, animal protectionist ...200716997525
paratuberculosis, a notifiable disease in austria--current status, compulsory measures and first experiences.paratuberculosis (johne's disease) is one of the most important diseases in ruminants today. its contribution is worldwide and the disease is causing severe financial losses among cattle producers in some countries [hasanova, l., pavlik, i., 2006. economic impact of paratuberculosis in dairy cattle herds: a review. vet. med.-czech. 51, 193-211]. paratuberculosis is untreatable; diagnosis limited to the early stages of the infection and control of the disease is difficult. the prevalence of serol ...200717628725
bluetongue: vector surveillance in austria in 2007.since the first outbreaks of bluetongue disease (btd) were reported from the netherlands, germany, and belgium in autumn of 2006, the disease is a main topic in central europe. the infectious disease, which originated in south africa and from which austria has been spared up to now, affects particularly sheep, cattle, also goats and wild ruminants - but never humans. transmitters of the bluetongue virus (btv, family reoviridae, genus orbivirus), which occurs in several 24 serotypes, are biting m ...200819066770
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