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[three lambings within two years following induction of oestrus (author's transl)].the annual number of weaner lambs per ewe is a factor of major importance in the profitability of sheep farming. in the netherlands, approximately 80 per cent of the incomes are derived from the returns for lambs sold. induction of oestrus makes it possible for the ewes to lamb three times in two years. to achieve a high conception rate, tupping should take place under supervision. in the experimental livestock-farming station, lelystad, studies on the possibilities of inducing oestrus were done ...1978725901
[bluetongue in the netherlands; description of the first clinical cases and differential diagnosis. common symptoms just a little different and in too many herds].for the first time bluetongue (bt) has been diagnosed in the netherlands. the clinical symptoms of bt on five farms during the first outbreak ever in the netherlands are described. fever and swollen sensitive coronets leading to reluctance to stand and walk were sometimes the first symptoms. later lesions in the mouth occurred with foamy salivation and respiratory problems. in other cases a swollen head with swollen lips and foamy salivation were the first clinical signs. also sudden death occur ...200617017594
[first outbreak of bluetongue in goats in the netherlands].for the first time, bluetongue has been diagnosed in goats in the netherlands and in northwest-europe. on the 17th of august 2006, bluetongue was for the first time diagnosed in sheep and a little later in cattle in the netherlands. the clinical symptoms, diagnostics and differential diagnosis of bluetongue (bt) in goats in the netherlands are described. the most obvious clinical signs were an acute drop in milk production and high fever (up to 42 degrees c). clinical signs were less obvious tha ...200717990633
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