willem vrolik on of the founders of the museum vrolikianum, professor willem vrolik (1801-1862), was very interested in teratology, especially in a congenital malformation termed cyclopia. in 1834 he published a paper on cyclopia. this work was mainly based on studies of cyclopic specimens present in the collection of his father, professor gerardus vrolik. in this study he proposed a classification system for cyclopes, in which he divided them into five main types. this study also formed the basis for the ch ...19911769305
hemaphysalis punctata canestrini and fanzago 1877, a tick of pastured seadunes on the island of texel (the netherlands). 19827090715
blood parasites of sheep in the netherlands. ii. babesia motasi (sporozoa, babesiidae).a large babesia species occurs in sheep on the north sea islands of the netherlands. the tick haemaphysalis punctata is a vector. its pathogenicity appears to be low. it is morphologically similar to a turkish strain, considered to be b. motasi, which is also transmitted by haemaphysalis ticks. it differs from the turkish parasite serologically as well as in cross-immunity tests and in not being effective to goats. there may be a group of morphologically similar parasites with serological differ ...19807352333
[genetics and latent defects in animals. microphthalmia in sheep (author's transl)].a sheep farmer purchased ten texel ewes from a sheep breeder. he bought a ram from another sheep breeder. the ewes gave birth to twenty lambs. seven lambs born of six ewes showed the features of microphthalmia. this is a simple recessive heritable defect. the buyer demanded annulment of the purchase by virtue of section 1540 of the civil code. the court in middelburg gave judgement for the plaintiff regarding the six ewes which had given birth to the lambs, showing the defect. on appeal, however ...19807376170
effect of cobalt supplementation on serum vitamin b12 levels, weight gain and survival rate in lambs grazing cobalt-deficient pastures.the effect of cobalt supplementation on serum vitamin b12, growth rate and survival rate was measured in controlled field experiments with texel twin lambs of the same sex, grazing cobalt-deficient pastures. the non-supplemented lambs had lower serum vitamin b12 concentrations than their supplemented brothers or sisters. during the experiments more lambs died in the non-supplemented than in the supplemented group. at the end of the experiments supplemented lambs weighed (mean live weight) 7.2, 9 ...19979225420
resistance of fasciola hepatica against triclabendazole in cattle and sheep in the the winter of 1998/1999, sheep on a farm in the province of north holland, the netherlands, died from subacute and chronic liver fluke disease despite four previous treatments with triclabendazole (tcbz). faecal examinations of sheep and cattle on the farm showed high number of liver fluke eggs. in a randomised clinical trial, the fluke egg output was monitored weekly for 3 weeks in sheep which were treated with tcbz or with closantel; in dairy cows treated with tcbz or with clorsulon; and in ...200010889368
[the economic section of the dutch society for sciences].in 1777 the "economic section" was founded as a branch of the "dutch society for sciences" in haarlem. it is the oldest organization in the area of economy in the netherlands. the aim of the society was to stop the economic recession in the republic of the seven united netherlands and to stimulate economic growth by spreading practical knowledge concerning industry and agriculture (including veterinary medicine). the economic section tried to achieve this by awarding prizes for the best essays o ...200620642136
staphylococcus aureus mastitis in texel sheep associated with suckling twins. 201021262655
genotypic effects of the texel muscling qtl (tm-qtl) on meat quality in purebred texel lambs.texel muscling qtl (tm-qtl) increases loin muscling in lambs inheriting it from their sire only. this study investigated tm-qtl effects on meat quality in 209 texel lambs that were ct-scanned then slaughtered at 20weeks (carcasses aged for ~1week). loin meat quality traits included: ct-measured muscle density (predicting intramuscular fat); mechanical tenderness using volodkevich-type jaws or mirinz tenderometer; intramuscular fat; sensory eating quality (sub-sample of 40 lambs). volodkevich ten ...201121592676
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