biospheric 129i concentrations in the pre-nuclear and nuclear order to detect characteristic regional differences or temporal changes of 129i concentrations in the biosphere, thyroids from humans, grazing livestock, and herbivorous wildlife species (reindeer and roedeer) were collected in various areas of the world which are not affected by reprocessing plants. for reasons of comparison, all samples were analyzed for their 129i:127i atom ratios. human and bovine thyroids taken from the 10th region in southern chile (39 degrees-41 degrees south) indicate ...19938244695
low occurrence of clostridium difficile in retail ground meat in sweden.this pilot study was conducted to evaluate the occurrence of clostridium difficile in samples of ground meat in sweden. from april to september 2008, 82 meat samples were collected from randomly selected retail shops in uppsala county (central sweden). c. difficile was isolated from 2 (2.4%; both ground beef) of the 82 meat samples. no c. difficile was detected in pork, hamburger, sheep, poultry, or other type of meat samples. the two c. difficile isolates produced both toxin a and toxin b. thes ...200919722410
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