[epidemiology of diarrhea caused by escherichia coli and rotavirus in calves and lambs in morocco].an epidemiological survey on e coli and rotavirus associated diarrheas in one to twenty five days old calves and lambs was made in three regions: rabat-kenitra, marrakech and agadir. isolated e coli k99 stains have been studied of a biochemical, serotypical (o antigen) and antibiotypical point of view. the identification of rotavirus was made by elisa test. persistence of k99 antigen and heat stable toxin a was examined after a conservation of 5 weeks at - 18 degrees c. the frequency of e coli k ...19883041900
epidemiology of hydatidosis/echinococcosis in ouarzazate, the pre-saharian region of the ouarzazate province of southern morocco, 1085 cattle and 358 sheep were examined for hydatid cysts. the prevalence was 44.6% (range 8.3-83.4%) in cattle and 5.3% (range 1.3-28.6%) in sheep. the prevalence increased with the age of the animals. the lung was the predominant site of infection, followed by the liver. in cattle, 14.2% of hydatid cysts were fertile and 16.4% had degenerative changes. the mean loss per head of cattle slaughtered was about 1 kg of liver and 900 g of lungs in the ...19883257076
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