anti-rabies treatment of dog-bite victims in lagos, nigeria: trial of suckling mouse brain and fetal bovine kidney cell rabies vaccines.human rabies is common in nigeria, a country known for rabies endemicity. yet the supply of anti-rabies vaccines for human use (adult sheep brain origin, produced locally, and duck embryo and human diploid cell vaccines, imported) is grossly inadequate. this study involved controlled treatment of dog-bite victims with suckling mouse brain (smbv) or fetal bovine kidney (fbkv) rabies vaccines in an effort to determine which type to recommend for production and use in nigeria. dog-bite victims trea ...19846531964
patterns and properties of haemagglutinins expressed by shigella serogroups in lagos, nigeria.forty-five strains of shigella were screened for haemagglutinin production and broad-spectrum haemagglutination reaction. mannose-sensitive haemagglutinin (msha) was found in 22 strains [shigella flexneri (7), s. dysenteriae (7), s. sonnei (3), and s. boydii (5)]. eighteen strains harboured mannose-resistant haemagglutinin (mrha), and 8 strains were observed to be non-haemagglutinating to guinea pig erythrocyte. with the exception of human erythrocytes (o, a, b, and ab), the observed msha and mr ...200313677435
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