observations on natural and experimental interactions between schistosoma bovis and s. curassoni from west africa.surveys of 332 naturally infected bovines at eight abattoirs in senegal, the gambia and mali were carried out to determine the prevalence of infection with schistosoma bovis and s. curassoni and to pinpoint areas where the distribution of the species overlap. s. bovis was the commonest schistosome of cattle in senegal and mali being found in animals at seven abattoirs, the highest prevalence of 85.1% occurred at mopti in mali. s. bovis was the only bovine schistosome observed in the gambia. s. c ...19901969699
[epidemiology of trematodosis in livestock in the kolda region, casamance (senegal)]. 19883201021
graphical approaches to support the analysis of linear-multilevel models of lamb pre-weaning growth in kolda (senegal).linear-multilevel models (lmm) are mixed-effects models in which several levels of grouping may be specified (village, herd, animal, ellipsis). this study highlighted the usefulness of graphical methods in their analysis through: (1) the choice of the fixed and random effects and their structure, (2) the assessment of goodness-of-fit and (3) distributional assumptions for random effects and residuals. an lmm was developed to study the effect of ewe deworming with morantel on lamb pre-weaning gro ...200010960710
assessment of age at first parturition by accounting censored data: the example of small ruminants in agropastoral herds in senegal.age at first parturition (afp) is an important reproductive trait when evaluating the herd productivity in tropical small-holder farming systems, particularly for small ruminants with high demographic turnover and commercial utilization. the article reports the afp probability distributions calculated on goats and sheep herds monitored for more than 10 years in three low-input livestock farming systems located from northern to southern senegal (louga, kaymor, and kolda) and representing differen ...201020217229
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