naturally acquired coccidia infection in lambs in otago. 1977275679
population dynamics in echinococcosis and cysticercosis: comparison of the response of echinococcus granulosus, taenia hydatigena and t. ovis to control.a comparative study has been made of the progress in the control of ovine echinococcosis caused by echinococcus granulosus and the ovine cysticercoses caused by taenia hydatigena and t. ovis in new zealand. the methods of control included an educational and a dog-dosing programme. in the styx field trial, the otago/southland surveillance programme and the national control programme, e. granulosus declined towards extinction. in contrast, this same control effort transformed the cysticercoses fro ...19863785974
occurrence and virulence factors of non-o157 shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli in retail meat in dunedin, new zealand.retail raw meat was sampled for the presence of shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli (stec) using enrichment culture and vero cell assay. the stec obtained were serotyped and tested for enterohaemolysin (ehly) production and the eae gene. the presence of shiga toxin genes (stx) was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction. a total of 18 stec were isolated accounting for 12% of beef, 17% of lamb and 4% of pork samples. five isolates produced ehly but none possessed the eae gene. five isolates wer ...200111169055
replacing cows' with sheep's dairy fat lowers plasma cholesterol concentration in participants consuming dairy fat-rich determine the effects on plasma cholesterol concentration of replacing cows' dairy fat with sheep's dairy fat.200414749744
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