predicting groundwater nitrate concentrations in a region of mixed agricultural land use: a comparison of three approaches.we investigated whether nitrate-n (no3(-)-n) concentrations of shallow groundwater (< 30 m from the land surface) in a region of intensive agriculture could be predicted on the basis of land use information, topsoil properties that affect the ability of topsoil to generate nitrate at a site, or the 'leaching risk' at different sites. groundwater no3(-)-n concentrations were collected biannually for 3 years at 88 sites within the waikato region of new zealand. the land use was classed as either t ...200111706792
risks of contracting leptospirosis on the dairy farm.the sera of 460 people associated with farming were examined for evidence of leptospiral agglutinins. of these, 308 were dairy farm workers, 62 percent of whom were from the waikato. forty-four percent of dairy farm workers, 8 percent of sheep and beef farmers and 25 percent of pig farmers ware seropositive. of the 137 seropositive dairy farm workers, 65 percent had titres to serovar hardjo and 53 percent to pomona. there were no significant differences between the serological prevalences of wor ...19826957789
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