[molecular genetics typing of brucella circulating in several provinces of mongolia].comparative molecular-genetic typing of brucella strains isolated in mongolia from different animal species as well as from humans.201020734715
animal and human rabies in mongolia.the prevalence of animal rabies differs in each area of mongolia. wolves (canis lupus linnaeus, 1758), foxes ( vulpes vulpes linnaeus, 1758), corsac foxes (vulpes corsac linnaeus, 1768) and manuls (felis manul pallas, 1778) are considered to be the infective wild animals in natural foci. amongst livestock, cattle have had the most rabies cases, followed by camels, sheep, goats and horses. the peak prevalence of animal rabies occurred in the 1970s. dundgovi province had the highest incidence duri ...200920462156
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