molecular epidemiological survey and genetic characterization of anaplasma species in mongolian livestock.anaplasma species are obligate intracellular rickettsial pathogens that cause great economic loss to the animal industry. few studies on anaplasma infections in mongolian livestock have been conducted. this study examined the prevalence of anaplasma marginale, anaplasma ovis, anaplasma phagocytophilum, and anaplasma bovis by polymerase chain reaction assay in 928 blood samples collected from native cattle and dairy cattle (bos taurus), yaks (bos grunniens), sheep (ovis aries), and goats (capra a ...201728678004
a high accumulation of hair minerals in mongolian people: 2(nd) report; influence of manganese, iron, lead, cadmium and aluminum to oxidative stress, parkinsonism and was previously reported that the hair of mongolian people showed very high accumulation of manganese (mn), which may increase oxidative stress. this study (2(nd) report), indicated that not only mn but other minerals had also accumulated at high levels in hair. it describes the influence of these minerals on oxidative stress, parkinson's disease-like symptom (parkinsonism) and arthritis, these diseases being prevalent in mongolia.201121204778
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