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[analysis of the genetic structure of tuvinian short-fat-tailed sheep populations with the use of the issr-pcr method].the genetic structure of populations of the tuvinian short-fat-tailed sheep was studied with the use of the issr-pcr (inter simple sequence repeats) method in 18 farms of tyva. data on the spectrum of issr fragments of dna were obtained using the (ag)9c primer. analysis of intermicrosatellite polymorphism permitted us to determine genomic characteristics of the populations, their genealogical relations, and the parameters of genetic diversity within the populations and the breed as a whole. thre ...201021434419
[genetic characterization of the brucella melitensis isolates from mongolia, russia, and azerbaijan].the goal of this work was to provide comparative genetic characterization of the human and animal brucella melitensis isolates from mongolia, russia and azerbaijan using current molecular-genetic typing methods.201121786630
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