environmental radioactivity analyses in italy following the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear accident.following the fukushima power plants accident on the 11th march 2011, the radioactivity monitoring programme at the italian enea research centres was activated in order to detect the possible new input of radionuclides through atmospheric transport and precipitation. measurements of (131)i and (134,137)cs were carried out on atmospheric particulate, atmospheric deposition, seawater and mussels and sheep milk. in the daily samples of air particulate, (131)i was detectable between march 28 and apr ...201222265846
indicators of the fukushima radioactive release in nw a result of the fukushima nuclear release, (131)i was found in different environmental media (rainwater, sheep and cow milk, herbage, sheep meat and thyroid tissue) in north-west romania. on april 4, 2011 a maximum value of 1.40 ± 0.21 bq/l in (131)i activity was found in rainwater obtained from the arad region. the obtained value corresponded with the maximum of (131)i concentration in air, as measured by toma et al. (2011) for the pite┼čti area. one day later, sheep milk from the cluj area w ...201122197532
Radioactive pollution in Athens, Greece due to the Fukushima nuclear accident.As a result of the nuclear accident in Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant, which started on March 11, 2011, radioactive pollutants were transferred by air masses to various regions of the Northern hemisphere, including Europe. Very low concentrations of (131)I, (137)Cs and (134)Cs in airborne particulate matter were measured in Athens, Greece during the period of March 24 to April 28, 2011. The maximum air concentration of (131)I was measured on April 6, 2011 and equaled 490 ± 35 µBq m(-3). The maxi ...201122197531
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