rickettsial and serologic evidence for prevalent spotted fever rickettsiosis in inner mongolia.a field study in northeastern inner mongolia, people's republic of china, in june of 1985 demonstrated a spotted fever group rickettsiosis. two strains of spotted fever group rickettsiae were isolated. one strain was obtained from the blood of a patient with an eschar, regional lymphadenopathy, and history of a recent tick bite. the other strain originated from ova of ticks, dermacentor nuttalli. these represent the second isolate of a spotted fever group rickettsia from a human and the first is ...19873578658
yersiniosis in sheep due to yersinia outbreak of acute yersiniosis occurred amongst sheep transported from inner mongolia to hunan province in southern china. morbidity was 41% and mortality of affected sheep was 34%. eleven apparently identical isolates of yersinia enterocolitica were obtained from liver, lung and skin lesions of affected sheep and all were biotype 3. isolates could not be serotyped with available antisera. lesions were observed in the skin, intestine, liver and lungs. the causative bacterium is apparently diff ...19947953581
theileriosis of sheep and goats in china.theileriosis is an important disease of sheep and goats in west china. its main distribution includes qinghai, gansu, ningxia, inner mongolia, shaanxi and sichuan. the epidemic period is from late march to july with april-may being the peak months. this is the period of most intensive tick attack by haemaphysalis qinghaiensis (77.2-99.24%) during the year. it has been proved that the nymphs and adults, which develop from larvae and nymphs engorged on infected sheep or goats can transmit the path ...19979512737
changes in the lifestyle of mongolian pastoralists in china in connection with urbanization.the objective of this study was to elucidate changes in the health-related lifestyle of mongolian pastoralists in china in connection with their urbanization. a total of 592 people participated in a survey that included a medical examination and an interview questionnaire. files of 72 pastoral mongolians, 78 urban mongolians, 380 urban han/man and 21 urban hui were used for this analysis. urban mongolians consumed meat and milk products less frequently than did pastoral populations (p < 0.001), ...200012160184
food and nutrient intakes among nomads living in three different areas of inner mongolia, china.the subjects, from mongolian-style gel tribes, aged 6-79 years, living in three different areas of inner mongolia, were asked about their daily food consumption in august 2001 using the 24-hr dietary recall method. there were no significant differences in food intakes between males and females of the same age group in the same area, with a few exceptions, although considerable variation was found among individuals and areas for the amount of foods consumed. some subjects consumed greater amounts ...200515734703
[changes of soil chemical properties in sheep urine patches in inner mongolia steppe].sheep play an important role in the nutrient cycling in extensively grazed grasslands, mainly through their annual return of around 5-25 kg n in the shape of urine. this return changes the temporal distribution of nutrients in soil and alters their bioavailability. urine patches are the most important areas of the transformation and cycling of nutrients in the grazed grasslands. in order to make known the changes of soil chemical properties in sheep urine patches, an experiment was set up in the ...200415825437
polymorphisms of the prion protein gene in sheep of inner mongolia, china.polymorphisms of the prion protein gene (prnp), especially the amino acid residue alterations at codons 136, 154, and 174, in sheep have been found to be associated with susceptibility to scrapie disease. we investigated prnp polymorphisms in three local sheep breeds in inner mongolia, china. blood samples were collected from 46 ujumqin, 34 sunite, and 22 mongolian sheep. the genetic dna of blood samples was extracted, amplified and sequenced, and amino acid alignment was determined. polymorphis ...200818521732
a review of research progress of fecb gene in chinese breeds of sheep.fecb gene is a major gene responsible for high prolificacy firstly identified in booroola merino sheep. subsequently, many other aspects of the fecb including endocrinology, fetal and postnatal growth were studied. a forced pcr-rflp method was performed to screen some chinese breeds or strains of sheep to determine if fecb gene is responsible for their high prolificacies. the fecb gene was present in some chinese prolific breeds of sheep, such as huyang, small tail han (sth), cele, duolang sheep ...200919201555
dietary selection of sheep grazing the semi-arid grasslands of inner mongolia, china at different grazing intensities.the objective of this study was to investigate dietary selection of sheep grazing semi-arid grassland in inner mongolia, china, using the difference in organic matter digestibility (omd) of herbage ingested and herbage on offer as indicator for selection. faecal n was used as digestibility index for herbage ingested (fomd), while omd of herbage on offer (gomd) was estimated from gas production obtained by the hohenheim gas test. it was hypothesized that the difference between fomd and gomd is hi ...201019663974
characterization of the ghr gene genetic variation in chinese indigenous goat breeds.the aim of the present work was to investigate single nucleotide polymorphism (snp) of growth hormone receptor (ghr) gene exon 10, characterize the genetic variation in three chinese indigenous goat breeds, and search for its potential association with cashmere traits. in this study, a polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism (pcr-sscp) protocol has been developed for rapid genotyping of the ghr gene in goats. one hundred seventy-eight goats from liaoning cashmere (96), ...201120364329
effect of vitamin e supplementation on the enzymatic activity of selected markers in aohan fine-wool sheep testis.the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of dietary vitamin e supplementation on the testicular 'marker' enzyme activity and vitamin e content in aohan fine-wool sheep. thirty male aohan fine-wool sheep (5 months of age) with similar body weight were selected from the aohan fine-wool sheep-breeding farm of inner mongolia autonomous region, china. the sheep were randomly divided into five groups and supplemented with 0, 20, 200, 1000 or 2400 iu sheep(-1)d(-1) vitamin e for 12 months. thr ...201020943332
abundance and seasonal activity of haemaphysalis concinna (acari: ixodidae) at the border between china and russia in northern inner mongolia, china.haemaphysalis concinna, a three-host tick vector of several pathogens, poses a high risk to the health of humans and livestock. however, knowledge of the seasonal activities, relative density and other ecological characteristics of this tick is quite limited and fragmentary. this knowledge gap represents a bottleneck in our understanding of the health risks associated with tick-borne pathogens.201626728523
oldest directly dated remains of sheep in china.the origins of domesticated sheep (ovis sp.) in china remain unknown. previous workers have speculated that sheep may have been present in china up to 7000 years ago, however many claims are based on associations with archaeological material rather than independent dates on sheep material. here we present 7 radiocarbon dates on sheep bone from inner mongolia, ningxia and shaanxi provinces. dna analysis on one of the bones confirms it is ovis sp. the oldest ages are about 4700 to 4400 bce and are ...201425417648
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