characterisation of fasciola species from mainland china by its-2 ribosomal dna sequence.isolates of fasciola (platyhelminthes: trematoda: digenea) from different host species and geographical locations in mainland china were characterised genetically. the second internal transcribed spacer (its-2) of nuclear ribosomal dna (rdna) was amplified from individual trematodes by polymerase chain reaction (pcr), and the representative amplicons were cloned and sequenced. the length of the its-2 sequences was 361-362bp for all chinese fasciola specimens sequenced. while there was no variati ...200415019145
[prevalence of anti-hev among swine, sheep and chickens].to investigate the prevalence of anti-hev among swine, sheep and chickens.200415340498
[bacterial diversity in guangxi buffalo rumen].to analyze the diversity of bacterial community in guangxi buffalo rumen and to identify the possible cellulolytic bacterial group.200919445183
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