diffusion pollution from livestock and poultry rearing in the yangtze delta, china.the yangtze delta is one of the most developed regions in china and includes shanghai, eight cities in jiangsu province and eight cities in zhejiang province. meat consumption in this region has increased with economic growth, and most of the consumed meat is produced locally. the water quality of surface waters has deteriorated in recent years. an example was the huge blue-green algae bloom in tai lake in late may 2007, which affected millions of people's daily drinking water. however, animal h ...200818504847
[sero-epidemiologic investigation on tick-borne diseases of humans and domestic animals in zhejiang province.]objective: to investigate the seroprevalence of tick-borne diseases in humans and domestic animals from rural areas of zhejiang province. methods: anji county, jindong district and tiantai county were selected for samples collection according to their geographic locations and historical prevalence of tick-borne diseases. blood samples of humans and domestic animals were collected in the three sites. an indirect immuno-fluorescent antibody test was used to determine the presence of igg antibodies ...201021162818
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