a survey of caseous lymphadenitis in small ruminant farms from two districts in perak, malaysia -- kinta and hilir perak.a survey of caseous lymphadenitis (cla), a bacterial infection in sheep and goats was conducted on small ruminant farms in two districts in perak, namely kinta and hilir perak. the objective of this survey is to determine the status of cla infection in small ruminants. a total of 8 farms were screened, involving a total of 579 animals. agar gel precipitation test (agpt) and enzyme linked immuno absorbent assay (elisa) were conducted on serum samples obtained from the animals. results show that 8 ...200819287357
a survey of parasitic infection on small ruminant farms in kinta and hilir perak districts, perak, malaysia.this paper reports the occurrence of helminth and protozoan infections on small ruminants from eight farms situated in kinta and perak tengah district, perak. the results of this survey indicate that helminthiasis and coccidiosis is rampant in sheep and goat farms. several anthelmintics have been used for the control of helminths. the smallholders depended on health and extention services from the state veterinary department. this survey is part of an ongoing programme by the department of veter ...200919696722
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