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hydatidosis in sheep in bihar. 19827187663
variation of 18 str loci in shahabadi sheep of india.shahabadi sheep represent an important but uninvestigated source of genetic diversity. eighteen microsatellite markers were employed to analyze the genetic diversity of shahabadi sheep population found in bihar, india with fifty samples. microsatellites were highly polymorphic with a mean allelic number 5.56 +/- 1.79. the observed heterozygosity, expected heterozygosity and observed and effective number of alleles were used to estimate the genetic variation of this breed. the observed heterozygo ...201020198885
animal reservoirs of visceral leishmaniasis in india.visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is a disease that has both zoonotic and anthroponotic etiologies. in india, vl is endemic, considered to be anthroponotic, and caused by leishmania donovani . anthroponotic diseases are maintained by transmission from human to human and to a lesser extent from human to animals. serum samples from 1,220 animals from 7 human vl endemic districts of bihar, india, were tested for antibodies to a recombinant kinetoplast antigen (rk39 antigen) present in amastigotes of visc ...201322765517
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