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haemaphysalis (kaiseriana) davisi sp. n. (ixodoidea: ixodidae), a parasite of domestic and wild mammals in northeastern india, sikkim, and burma. 19704246255
haemaphysalis (alloceraea) aponommoides warburton (ixodoidea: ixodidae), description of immature stages, hosts, distribution, and ecology in india, nepal, sikkim, and china. 19715090972
ecology, economics, and equity of the pastoral systems in the khangchendzonga national park, sikkim himalaya, india.the khangchendzonga national park is a part of the eastern himalaya global biodiversity hotspot and is located in the sikkim state of india. increasing livestock populations coupled with the government policy to ban grazing and its selective implementation resulted in conflict. hence we undertook this multidisciplinary study involving consultations with traditional resource users, field surveys, and remote sensing. we found that in the greater himalayan part, over the past 6 decades sheep have b ...200919431939
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