sheep genetic diversity in bhutan using microsatellite markers.genotype data from eight microsatellite markers were used to assess genetic diversity and relationships among five indigenous bhutanese sheep populations, sakten, jakar, sarpang, sipsu and tsirang. estimates of mean observed and expected heterozygosities, mean number of alleles per locus/population were obtained. the highest observed heterozygosities were found in jakar (0.657) and sakten (0.647), while the lowest one was found in tsirang (0.539). genetic distances, pairwise proportion of differ ...201020438493
distribution and prevalence of footrot in bhutan.the first cases of footrot in bhutan were reported in sheep in 1990 at the national sheep breeding centre (nsbc), which supplies breeding animals to village sheep flocks throughout bhutan. despite the presence of footrot at the centre the distribution of apparently disease-free sheep continued. cases of footrot were reported in village flocks soon after the disease was diagnosed at nsbc. a national survey was designed to establish the distribution and prevalence of footrot in bhutan. this detect ...200616490719
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