a survey of small stock tick control practices in the eastern cape province of south africa.current small stock tick control practices and producer attitudes towards tick control in the eastern cape province of south africa are discussed. these were ascertained from returns to a questionnaire survey to which 31.2% of farmers polled, responded. in general, producers did not favour an intensive tick control policy for small stock. angora, mutton and wool farmers had a definite preference for synthetic pyrethroid acaricides, the majority treating either less than 6 times p.a. or between 1 ...19921437022
parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xxv. ixodid ticks on sheep in the north-eastern orange free state and in the eastern cape province.the tick burdens of 115 merino sheep, slaughtered over a period of 15 consecutive months on a farm in the north-eastern orange free state, were determined. a total of 7 ixodid and 1 argasid tick species were recovered and the seasonal abundances of boophilus decoloratus, hyalomma marginatum rufipes, margaropus winthemi and rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi were determined. one hundred and forty-nine merino sheep were slaughtered over periods varying from 10 to 25 months on 3 farms in eastern provinc ...19911923373
two new species of ticks from southern africa whose adults parasitize the feet of ungulates: rhipicephalus lounsburyi n. sp. and rhipicephalus neumanni n. sp. (ixodoidea, ixodidae).theiler & robinson (1953) described, as rhipicephalus follis dönitz, 1910, a tick species originating from dordrecht, eastern cape province. a comparison of this tick with the syntypes of r. follis has now shown, though, that these 2 entities are different and it is therefore redescribed below as rhipicephalus lounsburyi n. sp. its adults parasitize sheep and various wild ungulates, attaching primarily on their feet. the hosts of the immature stages are still unknown. it has now been recorded fr ...19902338999
some avian and mammalian hosts of amblyomma hebraeum and amblyomma marmoreum (acari: ixodidae).large numbers of birds, wild mammals and domestic stock from a variety of localities within the republic of south africa were examined for infestation with the ixodid ticks amblyomma hebraeum and amblyomma marmoreum. every warthog (phacochoerus aethiopicus), burchell's zebra (equus burchelli), impala (aepyceros melampus) and kudu (tragelaphus strepsiceros) from the kruger national park in the north-eastern transvaal lowveld was infested with a. hebraeum. in the eastern cape province every helmet ...19873329327
the distribution and hosts of rhipicephalus glabroscutatum.three domestic and 12 wild species of ungulate have been recorded as hosts of rhipicephalus glabroscutatum. the major site of attachment for larvae, nymphs and adults is around the hooves and on the lower legs. this tick is virtually confined to the eastern cape province, republic of south africa. classed as an obligative xerophile it inhabits non-coastal areas of low rainfall characterized by karoo and karoid vegetation.19854011156
worm control under flock conditions in the grassveld areas of the eastern cape and eastern organge free state. 19724680375
photosensitivity in south africa. iii. ovine hepatogenous photosensitivity caused by the plant athanasia trifurcata l. (asteraceae).hepatogenous photosensitivity was experimentally induced in 1 out of 4 sheep dosed with milled athanasia trifurcata. this is an unpalatable aromatic shrub commonly found along the south-western and south-eastern cape coast on overgrazed, recently burnt or disturbed veld, up to an altitude of 1 300m. the liver lesions ranged from a few small multifocal areas of necrosis in 1 animal to various zonal patterns of necrosis (centrizonal, midzonal and peripheral) in each of the other 3. botanical, toxi ...19836877793
the distribution of pasteurella haemolytica serotypes among cattle, sheep, and goats in south africa and their association with diseases.over an 8-year period (september 1986 to march 1994), a total of 497 organ specimens from sheep and goats and 96 from cattle, were received for their isolation of pasteurella haemolytica. they were collected in seven geographical areas in south africa (as it existed before the april 1994 elections). these areas include the eastern cape, transvaal (new name: gauteng), nambia, orange free state (new name: free state), natal (new name: kwazulu-natal), western cape and the northern cape. this invest ...19958668319
artificial transmission of bolo disease in woolled sheep and attempted characterisation of the causative unclassified corynebacterium sp.bacterial isolates (n = 38) previously cultured from sheep with bolo disease were compared bacteriologically with known corynebacterium spp. and actinomyces spp. the isolates did not conform to any previously described species but closely resembled c. pseudodiptheriticum and c. urealyticum. more comprehensive tests are needed to classify this corynebacterium sp. bacterial cultures of this unclassified corynebacterium sp. were used artificially to induce bolo disease in dohne merino sheep (n = 20 ...19958691411
paratuberculosis in sheep: an emerging disease in south africa.during a serological survey for ovine paratuberculosis a total of 145934 ovine serum samples from 2019 farms throughout south africa were tested by means of the agid assay. fifty-two infected farms were identified in the western cape and eastern cape provinces. links between infected farms in the two provinces were established. examination of the distribution of infected farms in the western cape indicated a positive correlation between acid soils and occurrence of infection. in an attempt to in ...200011118715
parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xlii. helminths of sheep on four farms in the eastern cape monthly intervals for periods ranging from 9 to 25 consecutive months between three and four merino yearling-sheep and two merino lambs on three farms in eastern cape thornveld, and two dorper yearling-sheep on a farm in valley bushveld were slaughtered and examined for helminths. the merino sheep were infected with 15 nematode species, of which haemonchus contortus, nematodirus spathiger and trichostrongylus spp. were the most numerous, and with four cestode species. the dorper sheep were in ...200314621313
parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xlvi. oestrid fly larvae of sheep, goats, springbok and black wildebeest in the eastern cape province.merino sheep in thornveld, dorper sheep and angora goats in inland valley bushveld, angora goats and boer goats in valley bushveld on the coastal plateau, and springbok, antidorcas marsupialis, and black wildebeest, connochaetes gnou, in karroid mountainveld, all in the eastern cape province, were examined for the larvae of nasal bot flies. the sheep and goats were infested with the larvae of oestrus ovis, and dorper sheep and boer goats harboured more larvae than angora goats on the same farms. ...200516562735
seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in sheep in south africa.serum samples from 600 sheep were collected from 5 different provinces randomly chosen in south africa. two sheep abattoirs (representing formal slaughter of sheep) and 1 rural location (representing informal slaughter of sheep) per province were also selected randomly. the serum samples were tested for anti-toxoplasma gondii igg antibodies using 2 different serological tests: an indirect fluorescent antibody (ifa) test and an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) test available as a commerc ...200718237032
village livestock population and sampling strategies in communal areas in the eastern cape province, south africa.there is an urgent need for a livestock census in communal areas of the eastern cape province, south africa. this study focuses on the description of the cattle, sheep, and goat populations with emphasis on the livestock distributions and population characteristics in a pilot study in two wards in communal farm land. in one of the wards, sample homogeneity was found in the cattle and goat populations. in contrast, in the second ward sheep and goat populations were found heterogeneous, and only c ...201021082246
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