[neoplastic diseases in sheep in the wielkopolska region (analysis of autopsy data of the institute of veterinary hygiene in poznan 1977-1984]. 19863822549
[occurrence of listeria , bedsonia, leptospira and brucella antibodies in workers on animal husbandry farms in wielkopolska]. 19846429736
[coxiella burnetii infections (q fever) in animals and humans in poznan and leszno districts detected by serodiagnosis].in poznań and leszno districts, serological survey of q fever among cattle and sheep have been performed since 1973. coxiella burnetii infections have not been detected until 1985. during this period 28,272 blood samples derived from cattle and sheep have been tested. for the first time in poznań district, seropositive cattle were found in 1986 (5.5%). in the next year percentage increased to 16.3% and in following years has been on similar level. in leszno district, serum antibodies to c. burne ...19938171200
[occurrence of giardia species and genotypes in humans and animals in wielkopolska region, poland].giardia is the most common intestinal protozoan parasite found in humans and animals worldwide. although it has been known for three hundred years, the nomenclature, taxonomy, host specificity, and pathogenicity of giardia still arouse numerous controversies and ambiguities. giardia is classified into six species, that are characterised by various ranges of hosts. the most dubious species is g. intestinalis, which includes a dozen or so genotypes, and only two of them (genotype a and b) have wid ...200920209826
[comparative studies of the prevalence of ectoparasitic infestations in sheep in the wielkopolska and szczecin regions 1971-1980]. 19836649639
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