[polish preparations for preventing and treating infections caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa].three preparations, viz. sheep serum for local application ("sanoserum"), anti-pseudomonas sheep immunoglobulin for passive immunization ("immunoglobulin pseudomonas") and pseudomonas vaccine for active immunization ("pseudovac"), have been obtained at the central laboratory of sera and vaccines in warsaw, poland. the laboratory study and clinical trial of these preparations have been carried out. the preparations have proved to be effective as supplement to the conventional methods for the earl ...19852409720
[some aspects of the immune response of polish wrzosówka sheep against gastrointestinal nematodes infection].the paper presents different aspects of natural gastrointestinal nematode infection in this primitive, prolific polish wrzosówka breed of sheep. the study was carried out on the flock located at the farm run by warsaw agricultural university at zelazna (central poland) in 1995-1998. egg counts per gram of faeces, larval differentiation, total white blood cell counts, blood eosinophil counts, interleukin-5 concentration, lymphocyte blastogenic activity and igg immune response were discussed. the ...200016886364
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