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seroepidemiology of toxoplasmosis in the lublin region.reported are results of serologic examinations for the presence of anti-toxoplasma antibodies by direct agglutination in 1,497 people: 1,327 forestry workers and 86 farmers occupationally exposed to t. gondii from the lublin region (eastern poland) and 84 inhabitants of the city of lublin examined as the control group, including 50 blood donors and 34 workers from forestry headquarters. 58.5% positive results in forestry workers, 56.9% in farmers and 46.4% in the control group were obtained. the ...200111426921
[gongylonemosis in slaughter animals of the lublin region]. 196514295289
[snails--the imtermediate host of protostrongylidae in sheep of the lublin region]. 196414346919
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