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[varying sensitivity to copper poisoning in the sheep and cattle of pirdop district].the clinical picture manifested by sheep and cows in the region of pirdop has been followed up in the course of three years. the content of copper was quantitatively determined in the milk, liver, kidney, spleen, and skeletal musculature of 20 cows and 50 clinically normal and 50 clinically affected sheep exibiting a hemolytical crisis. though the animals were fed one and the same type of forages the amount of copper in the liver of cattle was within the range of 48 up to 98.54 mg/kg, and in she ...1977602015
an outbreak of q fever in bulgaria.q fever is an acute febrile illness due to coxiella burnetii. in the balkans, q fever in humans has been reported since world war ii, and in countries such as bulgaria the number of cases has increased since the early 1990s. we report an investigation of an outbreak in the town of botevgrad, western bulgaria. overall, 220 cases were identified between may 1 and june 9, 2004. of the cases, 168 were from botevgrad; the others were from neighbouring towns. this has been the largest outbreak in bulg ...200919567983
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