akabane virus: serological survey of antibodies in livestock in the investigation was conducted to assess the prevalence of akabane virus antibodies in domestic ruminants from different ecological zones of sudan. neutralizing antibodies were demonstrated in sheep, goats and cattle sampled between 1979 and 1980 from el obeid, nyala, kassala, jonglei and sennar. the highest prevalence was in jonglei where 27% of six sheep, 36% of eleven goats and 47% of 90 cattle had antibodies to the virus. although antibodies were demonstrated in 8% of 79 dams and 15% of 70 d ...19969239934
some production characteristics of sudan desert sheep under range conditions in north kordofan, sudan.the records on the flocks of sheep at el-obeid research station during 1988-1990 were analysed using least-squares mixed-model procedures. the objective was to study some production characteristics of sudan desert sheep in north kordofan, sudan, in relation to the seasonal variation and husbandry systems. no significant differences (p > 0.05) were found between sedentary and nomadic flocks in the number of ewes serviced and the conception, lambing or abortion rates. mortality rates were signific ...200111360801
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