ticks (acari:ixodidae) of the blue and white nile ecosystems in the sudan with particular reference to the rhipicephalus sanguineus group.twenty-four adult ixodid tick species, infesting livestock and some wildlife hosts along the blue and white nile in the sudan, were identified. three species, boophilus geigyi, rhipicephalus camicasi and r. bergeoni, were recorded for the first time from the sudan. tick numbers on indigenous breeds of cattle (bos indicus) were relatively low, ranging between 17.1 and 40.5 per animal. young cattle grazing with the herd carried significantly fewer ticks than older animals. with the exception of b. ...19873331134
akabane virus: serological survey of antibodies in livestock in the investigation was conducted to assess the prevalence of akabane virus antibodies in domestic ruminants from different ecological zones of sudan. neutralizing antibodies were demonstrated in sheep, goats and cattle sampled between 1979 and 1980 from el obeid, nyala, kassala, jonglei and sennar. the highest prevalence was in jonglei where 27% of six sheep, 36% of eleven goats and 47% of 90 cattle had antibodies to the virus. although antibodies were demonstrated in 8% of 79 dams and 15% of 70 d ...19969239934
brucellosis among animals and human contacts in eastern study the relative frequency of brucellosis among domestic animals in kassala state, sudan, in the year 1999 and compare the results of previous studies since 1908. also to study the frequency rates of the disease in animal contacts in the area.200111479636
survey of theileria lestoquardi antibodies among sudanese sheep.the prevalence of theileria lestoquardi antibodies in sudanese sheep from nine geographical areas in sudan was determined using indirect fluorescent antibody "ifa" test. out of 315 samples examined, 51 (16.2%) were found positive and ranged between 23.4% in river nile state and 10% in kasala and darfour provinces with an overall prevalence of 16.2% indicating widespread distribution of the infection. we also report on presence of antibodies reactive to theileria annulata in sheep sera.200312559715
current situation of peste des petits ruminants (ppr) in the sudan.the current situation of ppr in sudan was investigated. a total of 61 tissue samples were collected from various ppr suspected outbreaks in sheep in sudan during 2008. collected tissue samples were tested for ppr antigen using icelisa, ppr antigen was detected in 26 out of 61 samples (42.6%). highest antigen detection rate was in specimens collected from western sudan. a total of 1198 serum samples were collected from sheep (n = 500), camels (n = 392), and goats (n = 306) from different areas in ...201019548103
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